Criteria for Membership

Membership shall be open to solicitors,

  • Who wish to promote better understanding of issues which arise for those who suffer serious injury.
  • Who are in good standing and admitted to practice as a Solicitor in the United Kingdom for a minimum of ten years and who specialise in Personal Injury law exclusively on behalf of claimants clients.
  • Who are recognised by their professional colleagues as having shown pre-eminence in a particular field of personal injury law or practice.
  • Who have an interest in supporting developments which have the object and/or effect of reducing the incidence of personal injury.
  • Who desire to promote full and just compensation for personal injuries.
  • Who are committed to sharing knowledge and information in the fields of personal injury and medical negligence claims.
  • Who are committed to use their expertise to promote improvements to the legal process and to inform debate.

Membership of the Society shall be limited to fifty members and the Honorary President.


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